aero, the boat bed

It is difficult to enjoy a long sailing passage or a night at the anchor in rolling conditions.
Thus was born the stabilized bed, able to neutralize boat's roll motions with angles and speed adequate to motor and sail yachts.
Motion's fluidity of the Horizon Tracking System insie the bed make AERO to become a valid help for a perfect rest.
Furtherless AERO cure seaseekness in minutes: just lay down, you'll immediately feel the benefits.

AERO - letto stabilizzato

in two versions

AERO  -  is the complet bed: HTS stabilization system, moving frame, fixed structure, finishing woods (upon client's preferences).
It's the ideal version for a retrofit and for who wants a turnkey service, installation included.
Dimensions: width from 80 to 200 cm

AERO KIT  -   this version is dedicated to shipbuilders: we provide the stabilization system and, optional, the moving frame. AERO KIT has to be integrated into the bed's project; and the installation is easy and fast.

AERO - letto stabilizzato


up to  20° - 20°/s up to  20° - 20°/s
power supply
800 W  - 220 V AC 1500 W  - 220 V AC
typical comsump.
1,5 Ah 2,5 Ah
100 Kg 200 Kg
0-20 dB 0-20 dB
none none

gamba motorizzata - viste