We put our Horizon Tracking System inside a table leg.
The stabilized leg so easily turns the tables on board into always horizontal table tops.
An accessory that, we are sure, will soon become a must, because it leads the use of tables to a new and higher level:
- The table remains usable in all rolling conditions.
- Comfort resulting changes for the better the way to enjoy navigations
- When the system is active increases the sense of safety for guests and crew
- The automation system is silent, important skill to be "sail-friendly"
- Low power consumption encourages the continuous use.


The mechanism is covered by a casing designed to fit the style of the yacht.
It can be made of stainless steel, titanium, carbon, or composite and wood.


The leg is made of a sturdy stainless steel structure where we find also the electric piston and the control box that commands it.
For both, in the version for outdoor, it is provided an additional protection and the closing casing is equipped with watertight seals.


The leg can be combined with a table top of 100 cm X 80 cm.
On request we can customize the product to meet your needs finishing, height, payloads.

technical datasheet pdf

roll compensation
25° heel each side 25° / sec
100 W 24 V DC
2 Ah max 5 Ah
15-20 Kg depends on the dimension and weight of the top
- anti-crushing bellow
- mechanical lockbolt
- emergency stop
- start/stop push button
- auto-alignment function
- IP 55 - optional IP 68

gamba motorizzata - viste