innovation first of all

Balance Srl is a innovative start-up company. Our mission is to design and produce mechatronic motion control systems for the active and dynamic stabilization of table tops, surfaces, furniture or part of it, platforms and whatever suffer instability due to roll or pitch movements of the marine, land or air vehicle where they are installed on.

Balance's founders have and have had, all of them from the beginning in 2012, a foundamental role in the developement of the technology that is now the core of Balance's stabilization systems.


balance founders

Matteo Ghidotti: many years spent skippering charter sailboats. Since 2012 he works to transform his idea of stabilization of surfaces into reality. He is CEO and technical director.
Silvio Bonvicini: widely eperienced engineer and inventor, he designs the stabilization systems from the hearly days and he is senior engineer in all projects.
Giampaolo Ghidotti: a huge know-how coming from the aeronautical world, prototyping, production, composite works, aeronautic constructions and others; he is the supervisior on all Balance projcts and company's strategies.
Simona Fiorito: architect, mom and stile designer, with her particularly refined taste she signs the look of our beautiful products.
Together we created what you see in these pages, together we decided to continue on the thrilling road of innovation and developement of new products.