Flat is the first motorized gimbal system for cooktops.
It has unique mechanical characteristics and performance, thanks to the use of top quality components and the careful engineering of the project.
Flat opens the way for a more modern galley design and gives more comfort and safety to the cook when "at work":
- keeps the hob always horizontal, regardless of the arrangement of pots,
- can be matched to induction, electric or gas cooktops,
- gives more design freedom thanks to the two available versions: longitudinal or transversal,
- for the first time the hob has a flush-top installation and is integrated into the kitchen work top,
- is lightweight and extremely compact,
- it consumes very little electricity and does not make noise,
- does not need maintenance.

italian style

We have been curating the ∫ design in every detail to give you a sophisticated and exclusive accessory that will make the onboard galley precious, better and more beautiful.

transversal version

It' a double novelty because, in addition to the automatism that revolutionizes the operation, this tilting system is oriented transversely, allowing a freer and more rational design of the kitchen;
The limited sub-footprint (approx. 25 cm) facilitates the installation and saves space.


The cooktop is delivered to the installer as an easy installation kit and ready to use regarding the electrical and electronic settings.

technical datasheet pdf

heel angle and speed
25° 30° / sec
100 W 24 V DC
2 Ah max 5 Ah
15 kg  
12 kg
- anti-crushing parts
- electronic passive brake
- emergency stop

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