On sailing Yachts work in safety and comfort in presence of roll, at sea and at anchor, has always been arduous.
For this reason we have developed a work plan driven by two linear actuators synchronized to keep it constantly horizontal.
If installed in the galley, the worktop can be equipped with sink and stoves; otherwise it becomes a handy chart table or benchwork.
Upon request we provide, in addition to the system complete of accessories, the structure, customized, aluminum or carbon.

piano di lavoro


The system is hidden inside the cabinet and the two actuators are positioned as needed, in order to facilitate the installation of accessories and ensure adequate storage space in the cabinet undermount.
The movement does not affect the discharge of any sink, piped extensible.
The two sizes of motorization provide excellent flexibility in designing the top.
Consumption is very low allowing intensive and continuous use.
To recover, after use, the flatness of the worktop to the top surrounding simply pressing a button.

piano di lavoro

datasheet pdf

small medium force large xxl
dimensions (cm)
120x60 160x65 160x65 200x70 250x70
power (24V)
2x200W 2x200W 2x250W 2x250W 2x250W
roll compensation
25° 25° 25° 25° 25°
20°/sec 20°/sec 20°/sec 20°/sec 20°/sec
max load (distributed)
20-25 kg 15-20 kg 55-60 kg 30-35 kg

25-30 kg

(light roll and load)
4 Ah 4 Ah 8 Ah 8 Ah 8 Ah
max consumption
16 Ah 16 Ah 20 Ah 20 Ah 20 Ah
- anti-crushing protections - emergency stop
- mechanical lock in rest position
- automatic alignment function (moves the marine cooker to rest position)