powered marine cooker

Born from the needs of  higher safety and comfort of use of the professional cook, SERVO is a horizon tracker that engages and drivs the traditional gimbal cookers to keep the hobs always horizontal.
While in a marine cooker the weight of the pots modifies the whole balance and make the cooker roll, instead with our SERVO system it doesn't happen:
the transmission engages the side of the gimbal cooker and drives its movements, ensuring the perfect leveling regardless the weight of the pots on top.
At the end of use simply pressing a button the transmission disengages from the cooker, that will tilt in the traditional way again.


standard marine cookers

The picture highlights the normal way of working of a traditional gimbal cooker:
even when the boat is flat the loads on the cookers and the oven's door opened make the top heel, making dangerous the work of the cook.


powered cookers

Same situation but with SERVO Horizon Tracking System: the stoves stay horizontal whatever the load, in all sailing condition.
The benefit is greater as the number of hours spent at the stoves: perfect solution so for professional chefs and charter yachts.

wide compensation angle

the stroke of the motor allows the maximum excursion of 35 ° each side, angle abundant even in case of yaw!
We can also customize the working range angle, the speed of reaction, the max loads and the positioning of the system to meet particular needs (eg. Racing boats).

datasheet pdf

roll compensation
35° heel each side 25° / sec
100 W 24 V DC
2 Ah max 4 Ah
max load
10-15 Kg depending on their position
- anti-crushing protections
- transmission release
- emergency stop
- mechanical lockbolt -
- 52 cm x 22 cm
- depth 14 cm min

compact systems

The automation system is compact, "all on board".
It has to be installed in the cabinet alongside (right or left) to the gimbal cookers, easily and fast.


SERVO system can be coupled to all marine cookers and it is the best choice for a significant upgrade of your gimbal cookers.

laboratory tests

All Horizon Tracking Systems, before being placed on the market, are tested in to ensure the quality requirements.