Swing is the first table with automatic compensation of heeling.
Houses our Horizon Tracking System, which pilots the table tops and keeps them horizontal compensating the roll even in rough seas.
The table is finally a safe area where place objects, have lunch without worrying about glasses and soups.
Swing radically changes the way to use the cockpit: the magic of an area that remains horizontal attracts the attention of all and becomes the center of life on board.
For the convenience of use of those who sit downwind and upwind we have developed and patented a special movement of the wings, which are separate, to keep the same distance between the table top and the legs of those who sit.
The table consumes a little and is quiet, thus perfect for continuous use both at sea and at anchor.



strong, inox and teak
folding wings
allow an easy passage fore-aft, are equipped with lock in open or closed position
sturdy and comfortable, also function as adjustable lights to illuminate the table top or the cockpit
double, elegant and strong, very useful in many situations
bottle holder
in the fixed central part of the table, it has elegant retractable doors
storage pockets
two fore and two aft, perfect for keeping so many objects of frequent use
courtesy lights
in the lower part of the central body, illuminate the trampling

datasheet pdf

roll compensation
20° heel each side 20° / sec
250 W 24 V DC
4 Ah max 10 Ah
max load
10 Kg each wing  
- anti-crushing protections
- two hands start button
- emergency stop
- mechanical lock of the wings (open/close)
- 120 cm x 100 cm (open)
- 120 cm x 42 cm (closed)
- 200 cm x 200 cm (open)
- 200 cm x 140 cm (closed)

tavolo basculante


A surface that remains always horizontal can be used for most diverse needs ...


A new generation of accessories for the cruise, a new technology for your comfort.


The handrails, adjustable, housed two strips of LEDs that illuminate the table without bothering the people sitting.

Courtesy lights

The tables have two LEDs that from the bottom of the body of the table light up the footrail and the floorboards.


The distance between the benches and the wings remains constant, thanks to a special geometry, and allows a comfortable seated operation with heel.


The start of the automation is done by simultaneously pressing two buttons, while the emergency stop handle is a conveniently located on the fixed central body.